Was Assad Really Behind the Chemical Weapon Attacks in Syria?

While the President and his supporters in Congress loudly proclaim Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was behind the chemical attacks in Syria and should be punished for his crimes, the rest of the world isn't so sure. A number of sources from countries spanning the globe claim to have evidence to the contrary.

According to an article from theguardian.com, a German newspaper has reported a German surveillance ship has intercepted phone calls indicating Assad himself wasn't responsible for the chemical attack on the Syrian people. The phone calls do, however, appear to indicate someone within the Assad regime was responsible for the attack.

Russia has provided the U.N. with a 100-page report they claim contains evidence it was the Syrian rebels who carried out an earlier attack in March, as opposed to Assad's troops. The report states the sarin gas and delivery systems used in the attack in Aleppo was not military-grade. While the German report appears to indict the Syrian government, but not necessarily Assad, in the use of chemical weapons, the Russian report claims to show the rebels aren't above resorting to use of chemical weapons themselves.

Regarding the most recent attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin went on record at the G20 summit stating the rebels were responsible for the attack and used chemical weapons in hopes of provoking foreign intervention.

Adding to the confusion is a recent statement released by a Belgian teacher who was kidnapped, tortured and recently released by the rebels. Pierre Piccinin da Prata was kidnapped in April and was subjected to torture and humiliation at the hands of several groups of Syrian rebels. In a statement made to Italy's RTL radio, Piccinic claims to have heard Abu Ammar rebels talking about the chemical weapons attack. Here's what Piccinin had to say:

"It is a moral duty to say this. The government of Bashar al-Assad did not use Sarin gas or other types of gas in the outskirts of Damascus."

The rebels have reportedly admitted to a reporter they were responsible for the attack as well. The rebels claim the weapons came from a Saudi militant and they didn't know they were chemical weapons. According to the rebels interviewed, the weapons were mishandled, triggering the weapons and the subsequent devastation. This admission appears to be in line with a video posted to youTube that appears to show rebels launching a chemical weapons attack.

Here's the video:

The only thing that's certain is there is a lot of uncertainty regarding who did what in Syria. The United States and a handful of U.S. allies believe the attack came from Assad's troops. Russia, Syria and their allies claim it was the rebels who used the chemical weapons. Opinions are divided amongst citizens in the United States, but there aren't too many people pushing for a U.S.-led attack on Syria.

The United Nations was put in place for a reason. There is a U.N. report on the attacks in the works. We need to wait and see what information the United Nations report contains before taking action, and the action taken must be sanctioned by the U.N. If not, we're at risk of touching off World War III.