McCain Unapologetic About Getting Caught Playing Online Poker During Syria Hearings

In a move that shocked all but those who already realize how disconnected John McCain is from the real world, Senator McCain was caught playing a game on his cell phone during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting on Syria. A picture taken by Washington Post photographer Melina Mara clearly shows McCain playing poker on his iPhone.

The following tweet shows what McCain had to say on Twitter about getting caught red-handed:

McCain Tweet

When asked about it on CNN later that day, McCain laughed about it and had this to say:

"Well, as much as I like to always listen in with rapt attention constantly with remarks of my colleagues over a three and a half hour period, occasionally I get a little bored, and . . . [laughs] . . . and so I resorted, but the worst thing about it is I lost thousands of dollars in this game."

McCain went on to clarify the money he lost was thousands of fake dollars.

As a war veteran of the Vietnam war who was shot down, captured and tortured by the North Vietnamese, you'd think Senator McCain would be taking a hearing about sending our troops to fight in Syria a little more seriously. Instead, he shows utter disdain for our troops and the large number of Americans who actually care whether we go to war with Syria or not.

People of Arizona, if you're waiting for a sign that McCain no longer represents the good state of Arizona, this should be it.