Syrian Chemical Attack Intelligence Based on Intercepted Phone Calls

Amidst the many unanswered questions regarding Syria, one thing appears to be for certain. Military grade chemical weapons were used against the rebels and an estimated 1,300 people were killed in the attack. It's still unclear exactly what was used, but experts believe it was a nerve agent like Sarin gas. The world may never know exactly what weapon was used against the Syrian people because Sarin dissipates quickly and testing for the gas isn't viable within a week.

According to an article by The Cable, U.S. intelligence intercepted phone calls from the Syrian military indicating they were to blame for the attack. What isn't as clear is whether the order for the attack came from the top or if it was a decision made on the fly by someone further down the chain of command. Regardless of who made the call, it was a grave miscalculation that could end up costing the current Syrian regime dearly.

As images of dead bodies of adults and children stacked up like cordwood spread across the globe, some nations are calling for a swift and decisive strike against Assad and his regime.

The threat of a U.S.-led attack on Syria has prompted Syria's allies to draw lines in the sand. Iran and Russia are the most vocal allies. Russia is sending warships to the Mediterranean where they could end up in a stand-off with U.S. warships already in the region.  Iran has threatened to attack U.S. allies in the Middle East should the United States launch an attack on Syria. Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan could all potentially be targeted by Iranian missiles. China has also issued a strong warning against a U.S. attack on Syria.

Tensions are rising and the lines are being drawn. Instead of launching an attack based on intercepted phone calls, the United States should let the U.N. inspectors currently on the ground in Syria do their job and wait for the report. According to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, the team should be out of Syria and ready to report back to him by Saturday morning.

This is one to watch closely, folks. The world's superpowers are squaring off and tensions are high. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and we aren't witnessing a chain of events leading up to the Third World War.