Are Conspiracy Theorists Crazy? 5 Conspiracies that Proved to Be True

Conspiracy theorists used to be limited to the crazies that wore tin foil hats and worried about aliens walking amongst the people. In this day and age of instant information and social media, there seems to be a lot more conspiracy theorists than there used to be . . . and many of them are people who actually seem to know what they're talking about. They provide detailed information backed up by what appear to be solid facts and arguments.

People are quick to dismiss conspiracy theorists as being out of their mind, but the reality is quite a few of the "conspiracies" of yesterday end up becoming today's news. It appears conspiracy theorists are often better-informed than those who believe everything they see on the news or read in the newspaper.

Here are 5 major news stories that have broken recently that prove the conspiracy theorists right:

  1. The government is indeed spying on its people without a warrant. Edward Snowden broke the news earlier this year and was forced into exile in Russia. While the extent of the wiretapping isn't completely known, it appears the government is documenting all phone calls and watching Internet traffic.
  2. The IRS is unfairly targeting specific individuals. A couple years ago, this would have been dismissed as being nothing but conspiracy nonsense. Now, we know the IRS unfairly targeted tea party groups. It isn't known at this time exactly who ordered it, but it's suspected by some conspiracy theorists that it was ordered by the President himself.
  3. American citizens were allowed to die in Benghazi. There are still people out there who would claim this isn't true, but the facts appear pretty clear. There was a military group nearby that could have been sent in to provide assistance. They weren't sent in and Americans died. That much we know to be true. Where the stand down order came from and why it was sent are still a topic shrouded by conspiracy, and rightfully so. The government has been less than transparent when it comes to Benghazi, which seems to indicate there's something to hide.
  4. Vaccines have chemical compounds in them that can cause cancer and other health problems. This is another conspiracy theory that's been dismissed as being too far out there to be true by non-theorists. Earlier this year news broke that as many as 30 million Americans were give a vaccine containing SV40, a DNA virus known to cause cancer.
  5. The FBI is infiltration activist groups. COINTELPRO did just that, using covert operations to infiltrate activist groups in the 60's and 70's. There's evidence indicating this sort of behavior is still on-going, so activists beware.

There you have it folks. Five "conspiracies" that turned out to be anything but. I'm not advocating believing anything and everything you hear, but I do suggest at least hearing the conspiracy theorists out and making an educated decision as to what you do and don't believe.