Christmas Under Attack: Georgia Elementary School to No Longer Allow Christmas Cards

Elementary school children love to make Christmas cards and give them to their teachers.  Some teachers even, GASP, allow the kids time to make cards in class, but I'm sure that's an activity that's on its way out the door in most school districts.

I recently sat and watched an angry conversation between a Middle Eastern mother and my son's kindergarten teacher over the teacher singing the song "Jingle Bells" with the class. The teacher told the mother she'd picked jingle bells because it was one of the safer songs that didn't have any references to Christ or Christmas in it. The mother was still angry about it and told the teacher she didn't like it.

I try to be tolerant, but it's rather difficult when a group of people come into the United States and expect us to change our culture to accommodate them. The liberals eat this stuff up and use it as an opportunity to impose their overtly politically correct views on everyone. I can't help but wonder how things would go were the shoe on the other foot. If I walked into a Middle East classroom and tried to tell them they couldn't pray or praise Allah because my children were there, I wonder how that would go.

When I woke up this morning, I was particularly full of Christmas cheer. I'd been put in charge of the Elf on the Shelf last night and thought I'd hit a home run. I set the Elf on one of my son's pictures with a marker in his hand and drew a mustache on the picture. I woke up, looked at the tree we'd decorated last night and sat down at the computer, full of Christmas joy. This is rare for me, as I'm usually the scrooge in the family.

My holiday cheer didn't last long. Right there at the top of my Facebook feed was a link to an article about an attack on Christmas in Georgia. Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the depths to which liberals will go to feed the PC hive mind, but this one was so far out there it caught me a bit off-guard.

Brooklet Elementary School, a school in Georgia, apparently took down all of the teacher's Christmas cards under orders from the school district. The cards were posted in a hallway for all to see. They were moved behind closed doors where only the teachers could see them. Additionally, teachers have been ordered to remove any items that are religious from their classrooms in an attempt to make classrooms as free of religion as possible.

The school released a statement from the principal that stated, "Brooklet Elementary School’s (BES) holiday traditions and especially those of Christmas are alive and well" and went on to indicate the school doesn't plan on removing any "learning experiences about Christmas," but it fell short of explaining what was going on with the cards.

I don't know about the rest of my readers, but I'm sick and tired of this PC garbage. I'm sick of people telling me what's good for me, while imposing their views on me and my children. Christmas is a holiday celebrated by the majority of people in the country. If you or your kids don't like Christmas stories, Christmas carols or Christmas pageants, then don't participate. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean the rest of the country should miss out as a result.