Oregon Middle School Coach Fired for Planning Party at Hooters

   Randall Burbach, a middle school football coach at Corbett Middle School in Oregon, was fired earlier this week because he refused to back down on plans to hold his end-of-season awards banquet at a local Hooters restaurant.

   The school's athletic director sent a note out to parents of students on the team that said the following:

   "I spoke with Randy Burbach this evening and asked him to move the event to a different venue so that all of the athletes and their families could attend and feel comfortable about the location and enjoy the season. He was unyielding and emphatically said no for a number of reasons. As a school district and athletic department, we do not support nor condone the decision to hold an end of season celebration at Hooter's for any of our teams, groups, or clubs cross the board and at all levels including high school. This was a choice made by Randy Burbach on his own accord. This is no longer a Corbett Middle School Football event."

   Here's a link the full text of the letter: