Christians Under Siege: Is it Open Season on Christians in America?


   Is there an "open season" on Christians underway in America? There are some signs that appear to indicate this may be the case.

   First, watch the video below:

   Christians are indeed being labeled as terrorists in the United States. It may shock you to find soldiers at a Fort Hood predeployment briefing were recently taught evangelical Christians and Tea Party members were tearing the country apart and are enemies of America. They were then told they can be punished for supporting those groups.

   Last I checked, we had freedom of religion in this country and the Tea Party is a legitimate political group, not some fringe group of terrorists who are frothing at the mouth at the idea of destroying America.

  On it's own, a single attack like the one mentioned above could be the work of an individual in the ranks trying to push his personal agenda. Rights Revoked has taken the time to compile a list of attacks on the Bible and God-fearing Christians folks that'll seems to indicate there's something going on behind the scenes:

   Rest assured these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. What's next? Eliminating "One nation under God" from the pledge and any mention of God from U.S. currency? It's already in the works: