Will NSA Wiretapping of Foreign Leaders Backfire on Obama Administration?

   The Obama administration has thus far managed to dodge taking responsibility for Benghazi, IRS targeting of Tea Party supporters, Fast and Furious and the ObamaCare debacle, but there's a new scandal on the horizon that could make these scandals seem minor in comparison. While the Senate and Congress are seemingly willing to cater to Obama's beck and call, the latest scandal is one that foreign leaders may not be so willing to forgive.

   While it's been known for a while that the NSA is spying on American citizens, recent documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal the NSA has been casting a wide net. American lawmakers have largely ignored the NSA targeting of American citizens, but foreign leaders may not be so forgiving, especially when it comes out that they themselves may have been targeted.

   In an article published Thursday by The Guardian, a document released by Edward Snowden revealed that at least 35 worlds leaders have been monitored thanks to a list of 200 phone numbers provided to them by a U.S. official. The document also reveals that senior official offer access to their "rolodexes" from time to time, giving the NSA contact information for foreign political and military leaders.

   This comes hot on the heels of allegations that German chancellor Angela Merkel's cell phone had been monitored by the NSA. This led the White House to announce they are "not monitoring and will not monitor" Merkel's phone communications. That says nothing of whether they've monitored them in the past.

   The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that some surveillance of foreign leaders is ongoing, but much of it has been phased out.