Was the Woman Fainting During the Obama Speech Staged?

If you haven't seen it yet, watch the video above. At first glance, it appears a woman starts to faint and is caught by Obama during his speech earlier today.

Instead of watching the fainting woman, watch instead the lady in the maroon shirt to her right. She appears to be looking at someone and nodding her head no and then yes ever so slightly. She then nudges the woman behind Obama, who looks at her and starts to get wobbly. Obama suddenly turns to help the woman and she's escorted off stage, followed by applause from the audience. This sequence of events has led some to speculate the speech was staged.

This woman isn't the first woman to faint at an Obama speech. There have been a number of other fainters at Obama speeches in the past. Here's a video from YouTube showing a number of other faintings at Obama speeches.