The Senate Bill Is Packed Full of Kickbacks


   Here's a link to the full text of the final government funding bill released Wednesday night:

   Not surprisingly, there's a bunch of kickbacks and unnecessary money being spent.

   As predicted, furloughed workers will get paid for the time they were sitting at home waiting for the government to start back up. While I was sitting there reading the text of the bill, I couldn't help but wonder why these workers weren't forced to use the same unemployment system that every other worker in America is forced to use if they're laid off or out of work for any significant period of time. Instead, according to the text of the bill, furloughed workers "shall be compensated at their standard rate of compensation, for the period of such lapse in appropriations."

   Here are some of the more surprising items included in the bill:

  • In what's being called "The Kentucky Kickback" by some, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell managed to get lawmakers to agree to raise spending on construction on the Ohio river to nearly $3 billion dollars.
  • A civil liberties oversight board was given nearly $3 million.
  • The Office of Special Counsel was awarded $20.6 million.
  • The widow of Fran Lautenberg, the late Senator from New Jersey, was awarded a one-time payment of $174,000.

   The bill allows Obama to override the debt ceiling and allows the government to continue borrowing money until Feb. 7, 2014. In other words, it solves absolutely nothing and we'll continue barreling toward financial ruin with our foot on the gas pedal.