NSA Collecting Millions of Contact Lists

According to a new article from the Washington Post, top secret documents released by Edward Snowden reveal the government is collecting hundreds of millions of contact lists from people around the world, including those of Americans. This stands in stark contrast to what President Obama had to say a few short months ago on the NSA monitoring the American people's e-mail:

In case that wasn't clear enough, here's another clip of Obama stating the NSA's e-mail collection program doesn't apply to U.S. citizens:

Seems to me somebody has some explaining to do.

According to the article, the NSA issued a statement that didn't deny the claim, but "claimed it was not seeking personal details from most Americans."
The documents released paint a different picture. Hundreds of thousands of contact lists are collected on a daily basis, which equates to hundreds of millions a year. Many of them are from American citizens.

People should be upset about this, but most probably won't pay it any mind...