Obama Punishing America Because of the Shutdown

   As the debt ceiling looms and the government shutdown ends its first week, it's becoming increasingly apparent we're all mice in a game of cat and mouse between Obama and the GOP. In the manner of a bully who doesn't get his way on the schoolyard, Obama is punching the American people in the face by making moves intended to make the shutdown as difficult as possible on the American public.

   While the Republicans shoulder the blame for the shutdown itself, Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate have made it clear they have no intention of negotiating when it comes to ObamaCare and are in it for the long haul. As more and more government services are shut down, it appears those in control of the government are going to do everything in their power to use the shutdown as a political weapon.

   To start, all national parks, memorials and zoos were shut down. Open-air memorials that require little supervision to keep open were barricaded, leading Sarah Palin to dub them "Barrycades" and to call for civil disobedience around the memorials. In a move that backfired badly and angered both Republican and Democrats, Obama blocked members of the Honor Flight program from entering the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C. These veterans, many of whom fought the Nazis and may have stormed the beaches of Normandy, stormed the barricades and entered the memorial regardless.

   The Republican National Committee announced they would pay for security at the memorial for 30 days. The Democratic National Committee dismissed this as a publicity stunt.

   In another move that seems strangely vindictive, the Panda Cam at the National Zoo went dark shortly after the shutdown. This upset the thousands of viewers daily who log on and check out the oft-entertaining antics of the pandas at the zoo. It was soon revealed that the government isn't footing the bill for the Panda Cams. They're being paid for as part of a grant from the Ford Motor Company.

   While closing national parks, zoos and the Panda Cam has raised the ire of many, the government's next move was downright cruel. Property owners living in privately-owned homes built on federal land on Lake Mead are being forced out of their homes during the shutdown. The people own their cabins, but apparently the government feels it's OK to make them leave their homes until the government reopens. These homes are considered vacation homes and the people who live there must have an alternative residence as part of the requirement of owning a cabin in the area, but it's still a huge inconvenience for those who call Lake Mead home. It's also unnecessary, as during previous government shutdowns, the residents have been allowed to stay. 

   In a move that could backfire and cause real problems for the Democrats, the Amber Alert sites were shut down. Attempt to visit the site and all you get is a message stating the site has been shut down due to lack of government funding. As of press time, both the ObamaCare site and Michelle Obama's LetsMove.gov are still up and running.

   It's hard to believe an American President would be so vindictive as to put kidnapped children at risk, but that appears to the be case.

   Here's to hoping the shutdown ends soon. I don't know what I'll do if LetsMove.gov gets shuttered.