Shutdown Day 3: Has There Been Any Progress?


   What do you get when you put John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Joe Biden and President Obama together in a room for 90 minutes? Other than what sounds like the start of a funny political joke, not much.

   The President and the leaders of the Congress met behind closed doors Wednesday, but it doesn't sound like much was decided, other than neither side is willing to budge. The President told the Republican leaders he wouldn't negotiate and the standoff continues.

   After the meeting, both sides continued to point fingers and blame the other side.

   Sen. Harry Reid, the majority Senate leader, had this to say after the meeting:

   "This has never happened before, for a political party to be willing to take the country to the brink of financial disaster."

   Not to be outdone by his adversary, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell released a written statement stating, "The meeting was cordial but unproductive.

   The Senate and the House are at odds because the House passed a spending bill with a provision that defunded ObamaCare. The Senate wants that provision stripped away. The House is drawing a hard line and the Senate and President Obama are refusing to compromise. The whole ordeal could get even messier if it lasts until the middle of the month, because we're set to hit the debt ceiling. Some House Republicans have indicated they're willing to bring the debt ceiling into the battle as well.

   Garb your popcorn and pull up a chair, folks. This could get interesting.