Thursday's Press Conference on ObamaCare: Too Little, Too Late

   There was something different about Thursday's press conference.

   Obama wasn't the arrogant all-powerful leader of the land he normally comes across as. Instead, it seemed like he'd eaten more than a few pieces of humble pie and is finally starting to realize just how bad of a deal his signature healthcare plan is.

   The Affordable Care Act was pitched as a panacea for health care. Obama himself made it sound like there would be cheaper policies for everyone and he went on record as stating those who like their health care plans will be able to keep their health care plans, period. He didn't just say this once . . . It was a mantra he repeated time and time again while campaigning for the Affordable Care Act.

   The problem is the Affordable Care Act has turned out to be anything but "affordable" for millions of Americans, who have received letters in the mail from their insurers stating their current health care plans have been terminated due to ObamaCare and they're going to have to switch over to plans that cost hundreds of dollars more per month. The hardest hit groups are healthy young Americans with moderate incomes who aren't covered through their place of work.

   Thursday's press conference was supposed to offer a solution to the cancellation of millions of health care plans. Obama stepped up to the podium and announced that insurance companies will be allowed to let people renew their current non-compliant plans for another year.

   This attempt at placating the masses does nothing to solve the problem. It puts off the cancellation of the plans that haven't already been cancelled and passes the buck to the health insurance companies. Millions of letters cancelling plans have already been sent out and it would cost these companies millions of dollars to reinstate the plans and then cancel them again a year later. It would be surprising if they bothered reinstating them at all.

   What's likely to happen is the insurance companies are going to balk at reinstating policies for such a short period of time, and rightfully so. Then, Obama is going to throw his hands in the air and say, "I tried, but the insurance companies are unwilling to work with me" in an attempt to pass the buck.

   What was painfully obvious during this press conference that hasn't been obvious in previous speeches is Obama is starting to realize how bad of a deal his new health care plan is. The empire is starting to crumble around him, and it's going to be interesting to see what direction things head from here.