Arapahoe High Shooter Stopped By Man With Gun

Well, well, well. What have we here? In a twist sure to tick off gun control advocates everywhere, news reports released today indicate the Arapahoe High School shooter was stopped by another man with a gun.

Luckily for the students at Arapahoe High School, there's an armed school resource officer on campus who happened to be on duty at the time of the shooting. He was able to locate the shooter and corner him in the library where the trapped shooter shot and killed himself when he realized his rampage had been cut short by the armed officer.

Initial reports indicate it took the police somewhere around 14 minutes to arrive on scene. The shooter killed himself only 80 seconds after the first shots were fired, leaving a big gap that could have been filled with even more carnage had the resource officer not been there to put an end to the shooting. The fact he had 2 undetonated molotov cocktails and a bunch of ammo with him indicates the shooter had planned for an extended shooting spree.

Share this story with as many people as you can, because the portion of the story where the shooter was stopped by a good guy with a gun is sure to get glazed over by the media since it doesn't fit their agenda. And remember folks . . . The only thing able to stop a bad guy with a gun dead in his tracks is a good guy with a gun. In this case, the good guy didn't have to fire a shot. I wonder what the gun grabbers will have to say about this one.