An Open Letter to Starbucks Coffee Company


Open Letter to Starbucks Coffee Company,

Today you asked that gun owners no longer carry firearms into your stores and, in doing so, slapped millions of responsible gun owners across the face. Your "request" that responsible gun owners cease to exercise their legal right to carry in your stores nationwide has angered and disappointed millions of Americans, not just in the United States, but across the entire world.

A quick glance at your Facebook page should show you just how big of a mistake you've made. There are hundreds of millions of gun owners in the United States and even more who don't own guns, but support the rights of those amongst us who do. By caving in to the demands of lunatic fringe groups like "Moms Demand Action," you've just cost your company tens of millions of dollars in profit and have alienated an entire group of customers.

I, for one, have been a staunch supporter of Starbucks and have bought coffee from your chain of stores for years, ignoring the rude baristas and brain-dead hippies who hang out in your stores staring mindlessly at their laptops. I've purchased coffee from your store three to four times a week for as long as I can remember, mainly because I wanted to support what I thought to be your support of the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

I've never carried a gun into one of your stores, but support the rights of those who choose to. Speaking of support; my daughter, son, mother and brothers all strongly support the rights of those who choose to open or concealed carry, as do a number of my friends and other family members. Because of the open letter from Howard Schultz, we will no longer purchase coffee from Starbucks and will take our business elsewhere when it comes time to buy coffee.

I understand that a handful of lost customers are no big deal to a huge corporation like Starbucks. What I want you to understand is this isn't just happening in my circle of friends and family. It's happening across the globe. Gun owners everywhere are calling on friends and family members to stop patronizing your stores. There's a movement brewing, and it's a lot bigger than you think.

Sure, some of the lost business will be made up by the gun control lobby to which you've just caved, but judging by the angry response on your Facebook page and the outrage I'm seeing on social media, you've vastly underestimated how many gun owners and supporters of Constitutional rights you have as customers.

I, for one, will never step foot in a Starbucks store again. I'm asking my family and friends to do the same. Rest assured, former customers everywhere are joining in on this boycott of Starbucks.

Starbucks Coffee Company can kiss my gun-loving ass.


A Pissed Off Former Customer