Canadian Baseball Player Murdered By Gang of Black Thugs: The Race Baiters Say Nothing

Christopher Lane, an Australian attending East Central University in Oklahoma, was a young man with the world at his fingertips. He was a talented baseball player and was attending the University on a baseball scholarship. He was in good shape and went jogging regularly. Little did he know when he laced up his jogging shoes on Friday, he would be taking his last jog ever.

Mr. Lane was targeted in a random act of violence by three young black thugs who decided on a whim they were going to kill somebody for no reason other than they were bored and thought it would be fun. Police Chief Danny Ford reports at least one of the three teens has confessed to the killing.

One of the boys reportedly said, "There's our target" when they pulled up behind Lane in a vehicle. Lane was shot in the back and murdered in cold blood shortly thereafter. Witnesses didn't see the shooting, but did see Lane stagger into the street and fall to the ground. He'd been shot once in the back with a .22 caliber pistol. Lane was dead within moments.
One of the teens told police they committed the crime just for the fun of it.

This story has been publicized on local news in Oklahoma, but has largely been ignored by the mainstream media, leading a number of conservative bloggers to ask where is the outrage over this incident.

Had this of been three white teens targeting a black man, the news would have been all over it. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have been up in arms immediately, decrying the state of racial relations in this country. The President might have even spoke out about the situation, calling it a tragedy and stating the poor, young man could have been his son or could have been him thirty years ago.

Why is there outrage when a "white" man kills a black teenager who allegedly attacked him in Florida, but the so-called civil rights leaders in this country refuse to touch upon problems in their own communities that appear to indicate racism is anything but one-sided. Was this senseless murder racially motivated? The lines are blurred, just like they were with the Trayvon Martin murder, but that didn't stop every pundit in America from speaking their peace on how racism is alive and well in America.

Sadly, the Chris Lane murder will soon be an afterthought, largely because it doesn't fit the agenda of those held in high regard in the African American community. Why are black leaders so quick to speak out about perceived racism against blacks, but are largely silent when the shoe is on the other foot?  Given the opportunity to speak out about problems in their own community, black leaders instead opt to sit on their hands and wait for the next Trayvon Martin.

That's the real tragedy right there.