Cop Who Pepper Sprayed Students Gets $38K for Mental Distress

My, what an ass-backwards world this is that we live in these days.

You probably remember the officer in the picture above. This powerful image above came to symbolize the Occupy movement in 2011. Students at the University of California, Davis, were pepper sprayed by UC Davis police officer Lt. John Pike after they were asked to disperse and refused.

Lt. Pike and two other officers were placed on leave after the incident, due to allegations of excessive force. The officers claimed they were surrounded by students who wouldn't let them leave. Students claim the officers were moving freely about the crowd and could have left any time they wanted to. The University ended up paying out a grand total of $1 million to the protestors who were pepper sprayed in the incident.

Pike was terminated because of his heavy-handed actions and the bad publicity associated with the incident.

Claiming he suffered mental anguish and depression due to the threats he'd received since that fateful day, Pike filed a disability claim. He won the claim and will receive $38,056 for his suffering.

This is yet another sign of how broken the system is. How is an officer who was terminated for his bad behavior able to file a claim for mental anguish due to the public backlash over the exact behavior that got him fired in the first place? This case should have been thrown out immediately and the officer should have been laughed out of the workers compensation office. Instead, he's being rewarded for nefarious behavior to the sum of nearly $40K.