Cancer Patient Who Spoke Out About Health Care Cancellation to Be Audited

Let me begin this story by unequivocally stating I have no proof the IRS is doing anything wrong. That said, considering their recent past history of targeting groups who oppose the beliefs of the current administration, I'm having a tough time believing there isn't something going on behind the scenes in this case.

I'm going to lay out the facts and let you decide for yourself.

Bill Elliot was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He appeared on Fox News on November 7th after being told by his health insurers his coverage was being dropped due to it being "beyond the catastrophic previous condition." He went on to say the President's recent apology was "more of a insult to me and other people who have been cancelled than him saying 41 times that, period, you'll keep your insurance, period."

Here's the clip of Bill Elliot appearing on Fox News:



A short time after appearing on the show, Mr. Elliot received a bit of good news. His insurance company decided they were going to let him keep his coverage. He also found out his cancer was in remission and he had longer to live than he'd originally expected.

The euphoria didn't last long, though. A few days later Mr. Elliot received a certified letter from the IRS stating he would be audited for the tax year of 2009. Elliot claims he's paid his taxes on time every year and was working for the government in 2009.

Like I said at the beginning of the article, I have no proof this man is being unfairly targeted by the IRS, but the circumstances of the audit seem more than a little strange. To top things off, an insurance broker who offered to help Elliot get coverage after the interview with Fox is also getting audited, and he's being audited all the way back to 2003.