The Liberal Media Still Refuses to Admit Obama Lied About Health Care Plan

   There's no denying the fact that millions of Americans are losing health care plans they liked and could afford due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. There's also no denying that Obama told Americans they would be able to keep their health care plans if they liked them . . . Period.

   Obama didn't just misspeak and say it once. He said it repeatedly and with great conviction.

   The fact of the matter is millions of Americans are finding out they were sold a false bill of goods. They're getting letters from their insurers telling them their plans are being cancelled and they're being forced to sign up for more expensive plans with higher deductibles. Unless you're so blinded by your liberal love for everything Obama that you can't see the truth, it's painfully obvious he lied to the American people. Repeatedly.

   There's only one problem. The media still refuses to vilify him on a public stage.

   Sure, the mainstream media is reporting on the millions of Americans losing their health care plans. It's too big of a story to ignore. But a strange thing happens when the liberal media reports on it. They refuse to definitively state that Obama lied to the general public when he repeatedly told America they could keep their plans. Instead, the media puts their spin on it, attempting to make the lies told by the President sound like less than what they were.

   In a shining example of the media attempting to downplay the lies, a New York Times article published yesterday refers to the President's "incorrect promise." It's painfully obvious that's a fancy way of saying "lie" to all but the most myopic of liberals. Seriously? Incorrect promise? If I promise my kids I'm going to take them to Disneyland tomorrow and then when they wake up I tell them I made them an "incorrect promise" and wasn't going to take them after all, I would have told them a lie.

   It doesn't matter how you paint it or spin it, the American public is finally starting to see through the smoke and mirrors placed in front of them by the media. Call it whatever you want to, we know it was a lie.