Internal Memo Reveals the White House Knew They Were Losing Control of ObamaCare 3 Years Ago

   While the mantra of the Democrats of late has been "I didn't know" or "What does it matter?" CBS News revealed today there were vocal naysayers in the Obama administration well ahead of implementation.

   David Cutler, a health adviser who worked on the Obama campaign in 2008, let it be known in a memo to White House economic adviser Larry Summers that he felt ObamaCare was out of control. The memo took the people handed the job of implementing ObamaCare to task, indicating they don't have the required skills to successfully implement the plan.

   Here's a handful of excerpts from the memo, published to by the Washington Post:

   "I am concerned that the personnel and processes you have in place are not up to the task, and that health reform will be unsuccessful as a result."

   "I do not believe the relevant members of the Administration understand the President's vision or have the capability to carry out."

   "The Department is making a good start on the immediate deliverables of reform: high risk pools and coverage for young adults. But it is far behind the curve on the key long-term reform efforts, most notably reforming the delivery system to support higher quality, lower cost care."

   "The result is that I have very little confidence that the Administration will make the right decisions about the direction and pace of delivery system reform."

   "The second major task of reform is to set up and run insurance exchanges. I am not encouraged by what is occurring there either...If you cannot find a way to work with hesitant states and insurers, reform will blow up. I have seen no indication that HHS even realizes this, let alone is acting on it."

   "Above the operational level, the process is also broken."

   " one I interact with has confidence that your current personnel and configuration is up to the task."

   Cutler then goes on to lay out a series of common sense changes that need to be made in order to effective implement ObamaCare. If only someone would have listened then, we wouldn't be in the situation we're in now.