Kathleen Sebelius Delusional In Regards to ObamaCare

   Confirming what most of us already knew about Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, her testimony yesterday at the House hearing on ObamaCare was nothing short of delusional. She made a number of statements that were patently untrue and stumbled over her words time and time again. 

   She even acted like a high school student, muttering "Whatever" when asked whether the President is ultimately responsible for the problems with the exchange:


   When Sebelius was asked a question by Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner, she responded that it would be illegal for her obtain health insurance through the ObamaCare exchange because she's already covered by her employer. According to the healthcare.gov website, this isn't the case. Here's what the website has to say regarding seeking coverage via the exchange when you're already covered by an employer's policy:

   "If you'd like to explore Marketplace coverage options you can . . . If you pick a Marketplace plan instead, the employer doesn't contribute to your premiums."

   So, you can choose to forgo your employer's plan, but your employer won't help pay your premiums. There's nothing on the site that states it's illegal to use the marketplace when you already have coverage at work.

   When pressed on the issue, Sebelius appeared extremely agitated and was caught on a hot mic making the comment, "Don't do this to me." Listen closely during this video:


   In another gaffe, Sebelius claimed the government exchange website "has never crashed." Check out this video:


   If the website has never crashed, how do you explain the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have logged onto the exchange, only to be met with 404 errors and "glitches" every step of the way? To add insult to injury, the exchange crashed during Sebelius' testimony, prompting one Rep. to hold up an iPad and show her the exchange wasn't working.

   In what may be the most ridiculous statement made regarding ObamaCare thus far, Sebelius said the following about the Affordable Care Act:

   "The Affordable Care Act, by any fair measure, is working for millions of Americans."

   This begs the question what "fair measure" she's using. The exchanges have been plagued with problems and there aren't even a million people enrolled in health care plans through the exchange across the entire United States. Maybe she's talking about the millions who have LOST their coverage because of the ACA.

   Heads should roll over the ObamaCare debacle. Here's to hoping hers is one of the first.