AP-GfK Poll Results Are In: America Is Fed Up!

   The results of the AP-GfK Poll are in and the American public has made it clear they're tired of the games being played in Washington. More than 1,200 adults were interviewed in this poll and it's widely believed to be a pretty good indicator of how America feels.

   Perhaps the most telling number in the poll is the sharp increase in the number of Americans who feel the country is headed in the wrong direction. The last poll results had 58% of Americans in the wrong direction group. In the current poll, a whopping 78% of Americans now think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

   53% of those surveyed felt that Barack Obama is not doing a good job of handling his presidency. 37% still approve of the job he's doing. Common complaints amongst those who disapprove were health care, foreign relations, unemployment, gun laws, the economy, immigration and managing the federal government. Energy was the only area in which more people approved of the way Obama is handling the issue than disapproved and that was only by 1% in a poll that has a 3% to 4% error margin.

   Congress took a huge hit in the polls. 83% of the people surveyed didn't like the job Congress was doing. Both Democrats and Republicans are unhappy with Congress and feel they aren't being properly represented. The number of people unhappy with Republicans was slightly higher than the number unhappy with Democrats, but the majority of people were unhappy with both.

   Nearly half of the people interviewed had an unfavorable impression of Obama. John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden weren't viewed in a favorable light either.

   The shutdown isn't being viewed favorably. Nearly 70% of the people interviewed felt the shutdown is a major problem for the country. The majority of Americans feel Obama isn't doing enough to cooperate with Republicans and that Republicans aren't doing enough to cooperate with Obama. That said, more than 80% of Americans indicated they haven't yet been impacted by the shutdown. Republicans were blamed for the shutdown by 63% of those interviewed, while Barack Obama and the Democrats shouldered 49% of the blame.

   The numbers indicate the people are fed up with the games being played by both Democrats and Republicans. If the current numbers are any indicator, expect a lot of changes in future elections, as angry Americans clean house and bring in new blood. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.

   Here's a link to the actual poll results, for those who are interested: